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Purchasing a home? What surrounds your new home with positive Chi? by Feng Shui Long Island New York consultant


Purchasing a home? What surrounds your new home with positive Chi? by Feng Shui Long Island New York consultant

flowers in the front yard good feng shui

Flowers in the front yard

Looking to your surroundings for support and inspiration plays a big role in Feng Shui. The materials, items, and scenery will effect your energy tremendously. 

Below are some questions to keep in mind when looking at your yard and/or looking to purchase a new home. These are some tips just for the exterior of your home.  Remember, we are given the privilege to build and live on that location.   How you address your yard can relate to the kind of vibrations your home takes in and gives off, which relates to how you will feel within.  Everything is energy, and everything is interconnected in one form or another.

Some questions to ask:

  • Do I have any plants, trees or bushes in my yard that need trimming or look as if they are ready to be taken down because they are dieing?
  • Does my grass look healthy and vibrant?
  • Do I have animals happily socializing and signing (birds) in my yard?
  • What else surrounds my home, do I have a lot of electrical wires? Trees? or maybe a Sewer in front or in back of my house?
  • Do I feel over exposed to my neighbors or to a busy road?

Dead tree in the yard

Yesterday Laura Cerrano Feng Shui LI consultant had a Feng Shui assessment consultation to help her client decide if purchasing a home on Long Island NY was good move for her family. Walking around the yard, Laura and client noticed a lot of "dead energy," meaning trees and bushes.  Looking to the Feng Shui principles, the Ba-gua, and Form School, she did not have very positive aspects at that moment.  In her "Fame" and "Wealth" section, she had dieing or ready to be released plants, trees, and bushes.


If you notice this, either trim the dead limbs off or if it seems the tree is deffidenly on it's way out, bless the tree and remove it...for this is not the most auspicious energy you want to have in your yard.

Fame references how your are known to the universe and to others. By having "dead" energy in that location is like negating positive qualities you can offer personally and professional to others.   In her Wealth, there was no stimulation for growth or prosperity, again just lots of debris.  Laura discussed changes that could be made to those areas and with Spring coming, her client agreed it was not a problem at all :)

Feng Shui bird houses to simulate fire energy and postive energy

Bird Feeder very good in Feng Shui

A great way to stimulate positive energy is by encouraging nature to be in your yard. Approaching the home, there were no animals, even birds to be found.  Bird feeders in the front and back, if you wish, and knowing the placement to further enhance those given areas can help. For example, To stimulate fame, you can place a feeder in that location.  Hearing the sounds of singing birds in the morning is a gentle and wonderful way to be woken up as well.

The home happened to be located by a busy road. Before entering into the main entrance all you heard were cars hurrying nosily by.  When this situation happens you have a few options. Laura's client decided if she was to purchase this location, she would put up a small fence.  To help add more protection, act as a sound barrier, and offer more privacy,(the house was over exposed) she could add lush green bushes. This will help soften the feel of the fence when she looks outside. 

Laura's client intuitively knew of the changes that had to made to make the landscapes more fulfilling and positive. Laura also offered a better read on the energy and the gave understanding to the greater importance for making the changes (according to Feng Shui) that came to mind with her client. She also suggested simple changes that could be addressed to help balance the location of the home she was interested in purchasing.

Remember: Make sure to have your engineer, home inspector, and any other services necessary to double check the foundation and other sections of the home before purchasing.  Feng Shui is for checking the energy and clearing out any negativity associated with the land and home before moving in from a spiritual aspect.  It is not to replace any of the other services required before moving into a new location.

*If you love a location, given that it is on a respectable piece of land, you can make it work :)*


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Purchasing a home? What surrounds your new home with positive Chi? by…
Purchasing a home? What surrounds your new home with positive Chi? by Feng Shui Long Island New York consultant Flowers in the front yard Looking to your surroundings for support and inspiration plays a big role in Feng… more