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Feng Shui Baby Story: We had Twins!! by Laura Cerrano of Feng Shui LI

Feng Shui Baby Story: We had Twins!! by Laura Cerrano of Feng Shui LI

Today I had a Feng shui Consultation with "Jennifer" and "Nick"  from 2 years ago.  It was great to reconnect and hear about their wonderful updates.  Their major intention when my mother and I first met them in 2009 was to start a family.  When entering into their New York City apartment today, I could not believe my eyes! Their family grew, they did not just have one baby, they had two, twins that is!

I love Feng Shui, it's simply amazing!! So I asked, how did their twin babies come about? Of course we all know how, but how according to Feng Shui.  Jennifer said that she and Nick took excellent notes and did everything that was suggested.   They noticed within a couple of weeks of shifting things in their home according to the Feng Shui, they had increases in their finances, helpful people, career paths and even came to a solution with their neighbors.

For example, I remember them saying how uneasy their downstairs neighbors were.  Smoking in front of their window, not maintaining their apartment, so certain smells would seep up and permeate their apartment; just to name a few of their concerns. Remember energy rises and what ever is below you can effect the energy in your space.

Feng Shui advice: for a situation such as that, we suggested purchasing four 2" round mirrors and place them in the furthest  4 corners of the apartment to push down their neighbors energy.  Make sure the reflective (mirror) side of the mirrors are facing down to push the energy away.

This is an image of a room with four mirrors place in the 4 furthest corners.  The circles in the corners are the mirrors

During the first week after the consultation, Jennifer and her husband bought those mirrors and placed them in the corners. Would you believe?! the day after placing them, their neighbors informed Jennifer and Nick that they were moving out :) Till this day down stairs has remained peaceful... amazing!!

Another adjustment was in their home office. This space was to be a nursery but, at that time in 2009 it was weighed down with very heavy furniture.  According to Feng Shui, when you have that type of set up, you are weighing down the energy and opportunity.  They intentionally set out to make that room the nursery but, how can you call in the energy of a baby(ies) if it's already weighted down.  They literally had not room for any other people to live in that apartment.

So, they changed the layout. Creating a nursery like atmosphere to call in expanding their family. Shifting some of the heavy furniture out of that space as to balance and lighten the energy.  And boy did it work, did I mentioned they had to boys :)

These are just a couple of the changes they made.  There are so many more, but the bottom line is, as they shifted the energy in their home, they shifted the energy in their body, mind and spirit.  Jennifer made the connection later that all those increases in fiances to buy that SUV she always wanted, noticing more helpful doctors, and changes in career paths, were all preparing them for their twin babies. 

Congrats to Jennifer and Nick again, for they have another bundle of joy on the way!! :)





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Feng Shui Baby Story: We had Twins!! by Laura Cerrano of Feng Shui LI
Feng Shui Baby Story: We had Twins!! by Laura Cerrano of Feng Shui LI Today I had a Feng shui Consultation with "Jennifer" and "Nick" from 2 years ago. It was great to reconnect and hear about their wonderful… more