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Feng Shui Dorm Room Tips by Laura Cerrano

This is a great post for those college students looking to Feng Shui their dorm room for better organization, concentration and all around performance.   Feel free to reach out to expert Laura Cerrano yourself for more information and guidance.

Feng Shui Dorm Room Tips by Laura Cerrano Feng Shui New York LI consultant

Laura Cerrano Feng Shui NY consultant feels the best time to utilize Feng Shui is anytime, especially when living in very small spaces, such as sharing a dorm room.  You are then faced to truly layout your space to provide the best energy flow, clutter free, creative and balanced environment. 

This is the lay out of Laura Cerrano's old college dorm room from SUNY New Paltz.  This was her side of the room and pretty much the opposite side matched, with some differences in how her roommate set it up.   If you can not "Feng Shui" the entire dorm room, then simply adjust the energy on your side :)

Feng Shui Dorm Tips:


1. Be sure to have a commanding position of the door way when sleeping in your bed. 

Choose a side to rest your head  so you can always see who is entering into your space.  This protects you energetically and literally.

2. Making the bed after waking up will create a feeling of harmony when you return from a long day of learning.

  Sometimes college folks like to take naps in  between classes to regain their energy, so why not have the bed ready for you ;)

3. If possible keep underneath your bed clear as much as you can.  Or, at least do not keep heavy objects there. 

Ms. Cerrano did store some items under her bed while living in the SUNY New Paltz Dorms.  But, she was mindful of what was there, she had items that motivated her such as her artwork, books on spirituality, and soft items like clothing.  Ms. Cerrano understands space is extremely limited in a dorm situation so that is why it's even more important to be mindful of what you keep around you.

4. Adding a small area rug by your bed entrance is a great way to help pre-pare you body, mind and spirit for a good nights rest.  It also helps to soften the hard textures of the dorm room

5. Colors of your bedding, try and keep them light and airy if possible. 

Darker colors can make a space feel more enclose and small.  small spaces call for lighter colors to help energetically feel and look more open.

6. Adding live plants in your room to promote better air quality and live force.

Having plants in any room is a great way to stimulate the idea of growth, life force and is known to help reduce stress :)  Any form of mother nature when utilized in good proportions and intentions can be used as a healing force.

7. Have images surrounding you that inspire and provide support for your body, mind and spirit. 

Let that be positive affirmations, artwork, word art, photos of friends, family, certain teachers who have inspired you, ancestors, pets...anything that makes you feel good :)

8. Keep your desk clear as much as you can, especially before going to bed. 

When Laura was going to school, desk top computers were all the rage and slowly but surly laptops replaced them or at least became thinner. Be sure to turn off all electronics when not in use at night so as not to give off electromagnetic energy to you or your roommate.  To promote better concentration, on the desk Laura Cerrano would keep a Quartz crystal for clarity and focus as she worked.

9. If you have the room, which Ms. Cerrano did, she added a small circular night stand near her bed to promote the idea of balance. 

Traditionally you are to have two night stands, one for each side.  Being knocked up against the wall does offer the idea of support.  Again, traditionally you are supposed to have a headboard, but work with what you have.  The walls them selves will act as supports.  That is why it's even more important to surround yourself with items that are positive and if they are to be on the walls, it's even more important.  That kind of energy is always around and very close to you.



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Feng Shui Dorm Room Tips by Laura Cerrano
This is a great post for those college students looking to Feng Shui their dorm room for better organization, concentration and all around performance. Feel free to reach out to expert Laura Cerrano yourself for more information and guidance. … more
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