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New York Long Island Feng Shui Sucess Story: Visualization is Key in Feng Shui by Laura Cerrano

New York Long Island Feng Shui Success Story:  Visualization is Key in Feng Shui by Laura Cerrano

Yesterday Feng Shui NY consultant Laura Cerrano received a story of success from her Bay Port New York client's Bill and Michele. A huge part of their achievements were based on Visualization and Feng Shui, along with releasing stuck energy. Many times people look passed the huge importance of Visualizing.  Remember, Feng Shui integrates every aspect of life, the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  When you have them in-sync and understand the roots to the issues at hand, life will amaze you :)

Element of wood for being grounded or "rooted" in life: Debi Broucher

Background Story:

For a good part of Bill's life, he's been known to have knee problems. Being aware of this, he always took excellent care of his body but, unfortunately the wear and tare caught up to him and was informed that he needed knee surgery a few months back.  To complicate this situation even more, Michele wanted to re-register with the same insurance plan before his surgery, but was misinformed, and signed up for the wrong one accidentally. 

This created, what seemed like an impossible situation. Bill needed surgery, but now they didn't have enough money due to the new insurance plan.  The chances of Michele being switched back, were slim to none. Mind you, there were many other factors to this story, but...this is the section that is very important to be aware of.

The Element of Earth to help enhance Health: Debi Broucher

Knowing Michele and understanding when she is grounded, her capability of channeling energy is very strong.  Laura told Michele and Bill that they needed to work together as a team to open channels of communication for the insurance company and to visualize the healing for his knee.  Yes, this sounds far fetched, but, if you believe and can visualize your intentions becoming a reality, while knowing what you need and doing the physical work...the universe will provide.

Crystals to help defuse, open areas of communication, and channel energy more efficiently

Feng Shui Suggestions for Michele and Bill:

Laura Cerrano suggested to Michele that, one, she keep trying to talk with the insurance company, having the mindset you will connect with a "Helpful Person" to start moving in the right direction.  Two, visualize meeting this person or speaking with them on the phone, and that they are understanding of your situation.  Three, visualize you and the employee discussing switching your insurance plan back to the original.

Laura also informed Michele to enhance their "helpful People" section according to the Ba-gua. She included a plant for growth of helpful people in their life, and bells for vibrating the message out further that they need help.

For Bill's situation, they both needed to visualize and heal together. Ms. Cerrano gave Michele specific crystals that are known for enhancing healing and communication.  They picked an area in their home were they both felt very comfortable.  The human touch can channel a great source of healing energy, along with pure love and compassion.  Laura suggested that Michele massage Bill's knee with the intention and visualization of seeing his knee healed. Bill was erged to do the very same.  This act also created a stronger bond between the both of them (love and compassion).  Now we have all the ingredients :)

At night, Laura said for Michele to place the crystals by Bill's bedside, knowingly or unknowingly. When we sleep, we are most open to receiving energy, and in this case it was for healing.

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This whole process stated about a month and a half ago from today. A couple days after their Feng Shui consultation and space clearing, Michele and Bill had a huge leak in their home. This was a very good sign, saying the negative energy that was once stuck has now been released and they were able to proceed forward.

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Results with Visualization and Feng Shui:

This is an exact quote from Michele about her insurance plan situation and the healing of Bill's knee:

"Monday I woke up and was inspired to go visit the health insurance sector that wouldn't let me cancel before. I had called, emailed, threatened them with lawyers and they said no each time Monday it was effortless. I visualized it EXACTLY as it happened and guess what...they switched me back. The lady said I was lucky, she never does that for anyone. I feel so blessed and it was perfect timing too because...Bill is canceling the surgery. He and I both feel in all our heart that he is healing. And that's in part because of the positive emotional strides he's made and the crystals which he didn't even know were under his side of the bed and the couple of massages I gave his knew where I truly visualize his healing. 

Thank you Laura. We are continuing to grow the business and Bill registered for a free course to help him with that too. :)"

Feng Shui is amazing! :)

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New York Long Island Feng Shui Sucess Story: Visualization is Key in…
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